Season 2 episodes as a table

##Episode name Synopsis
01 Intro(n) intro Preliminary talk about the new season and its reasons
02 Intro, osa 2 A bit more intro, before evoling to reflecting on the past

Episode summaries and production notes[1]

01 - Intro(n) intro

Inspired by hardware acquired a while ago, I start explaing (with a poor script) how I'd like to make vlogs about game development, and maybe some other development related stuff. Didn't yet get too far on explainging about the development itself. And I really suck at talking. Which kinda sucks, as this video has nothing but a talking head.

Used Nocticron 42.5mm@f2.0 or something like that. In 1080p30 via OBS and an MJPEG capture card.. I think I did a good job with lights and microphone, at least.

02 - Intro, osa 2

The intro continues, but only by a little. But the talking head is there - for the whole video. Didn't yet again manage to get to the actual topic, as this one turned out to be a reflection about my past programming projects and passions over the past 20 years or so. This time managed to talk a lot better, thanks to having the script on a teleprompter! I think... Although this started a bit apathetic. But it does get better.

This time recorded in-camera in 4k 10bit HLG, all-i 400Mbit, ISO800. f/1.8, 29.94 fps, but at 1/125 due to not remembering that a lower framerate was in use[2]. Audio recorded separately in Audition, this time synced by smashing two spoons together[3] in the view of the camera! But might have used a bit too aggressive audio compressor for speech volume leveling (like the last time). Sorry if it picks up some otherwise more muted sounds.

  1. Note that the vlogs are in finnish. English summaries provided here, just because.
  2. As opposed to 59.94 fps I meant to shoot this in. But that would mean max 8bit colors, and I needed to experiment with color correction.
  3. Instead of hands