I've always enjoyed good cave shooters. Thanks to their relatively simple gameplay and visuals, my first and most long lasting game programming project has been The Peli. But in short, it has been a playground for numerous different programming challenges related to games in a form what mistakingly looks like to be a 2D space shooting game.

Now I think it has come a time to at least try to write some thoughts about a similar game, but this time with gameplay as a focus. It will be a rocky road filled with challenges close to impossible, but upon the unlikely success a great reward awaits. If nothing else, at least some life-xp is awarded along the way.

Other works of fiction

As a background, I'd like to introduce you to some games. Some have existed long before my projects and some have born only recently.

TV and movies also have some great spaceship containing works of sci-fi. Isn't it just cool to be able to reroute power, do all kinds of techy overrides, damage strategic areas, use diverse weaponry and enjoy the diversity of spacecraft. How cool it is when a modified battlecruiser takes out a mothership!

  1. TODO: Tale a closer look at Star Ruler
  2. TODO: Take a look at mechanics of Eve Online