This list is about nice ultraportables with ~13", core iN and ~1.3kg. Ultimate goal would be to find one for about 300~500 euros.

Any expansions and corrections to this list are appreciated.

Macbook Air 1 297€259741281440 x 900USB2
Asus UX31-DH52 775€259741281600 x 900USB3
Lenovo U300s-10802AU 829€242541281366 x 768USB3
Toshiba Z830-P360 768€183341281366 x 768USB3
Samsung NP900X3A-A03US 884€251141281440 x 900USB3

  1. USA estimate
  2. Should ethernet be mentioned?
  1. Apple is only for reference
  2. There might be some unfortunate inaccuracies in the list