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EDIT: whoopsie has slightly tweaked generation algo(one that I originally had in mind) and tweaked parameters(more points, less rough). It also has NO scoring algo, first one to be generated is taken. All these image have the same basic generation algorithm1, but SCORING algo is different(a set of 300 asteroids is generated, and the best scoring one is taken, if still not good, repeat.)

Iso and pien have roundness-scoring algorithm #1, but another has images that have a high 'roundness' and and another has those with a low value.

Joku1 and joku2 have algo #2, and same scoring difference.

But all these still have too sharp edges and lack a more noticeable general trend, but on the other hand also have some great features. Giev the ultimate scoring algo, ty. Giev it nao!

1) Take a point, take 10 random points somewhat uniformy around it from random ranges. Then calculate midpoints between adjacent points and draw virtual lines along them. Use midpoints. (whoopsie: Take midpoint of that line and the original point that is near it and take average. Use these as additional points) Oh, and recommendations on image grid software? Or must I code one myself..