I'm a software engineer / architect from Lappeenranta, Finland. My native language is finnish and I'm also relatively fluent in english. I don't have much social media presence, but I do have a blog and a YouTube channel. There is also a new Instagram account!

Much of my free time used to go to Guild Wars 2, but after thousands of hours my time has begun draining to finalizing my studies, and now a near full-time job. Other timesinks include my programming projects mostly in C#, with Python in decline. If you are after more complete breakdown of my doing, look at stuff or drop me a question.

I also like lists of things I like[1]

New! Watched movies and played games

A story about taking up programming

Even as a young child I was most interested in electric wiring and by chance also computers. I didn't know how to read the clock or alphabet, but still I could navigate DOS to start games in kindergarden. Not that I was an avid player then, yet. It wasn't until the second year of primary school I truly became interested in computers after having seen awesome PowerPoint animations featuring clip art stick figurines by fourth / fifth graders.

By the third grade I was busy making web pages with MS FrontPage, with DHTML by fourth. At the fifth grade I got introduced to PHP. That was perhaps the beginning of more serious programming. Few years went by and I stumbled upon CoolBasic. The short but intensive year that followed was soon over, but not without offspring; first version of The Peli was born during the time. But it was not enough.

By some random chance my eyes got caught in a small script publised in the at-the-time-still-good Mikrobitti-magazine. It was short, elegant and without the filth that was covering PHP. This was the true floodgate-moment, faster than I could have imagined I already had a Pygame version of the game and so much more. Years have been good for me and Python, we've done and learned so much. Sure there were rough times and looks for other languages and environments, but I'm still in love with Python <3[4]

Now I've been coding stuff and been learning by doing, mostly. Getting interested in structured development methodologies, strong typing and it's opportunities and challenges. And modern C# and C++ aren't actually that bad at all!

Lately, especially with the conception of Tracker, I've been tremendously interested in web-scale backend development. A series of blog posts is planned on this topic. First part is already online.

Stuff I've done

Project eternity: The peli / project svgmap / USG / whatever. Rewrite #16(and counting). A technology development playground disguised as a game(CoolBASIC, pygame, cdll, pyglet, pathfinding, numpy, trianglemaps, collision detection, physics, dynamic fracturing ...).

LCS! A bare content storage system with versioning(PHP+MySQL). Was used here and still at Provides a system(and easy to use function calls!) to easily store and retrieve pages, and also basic user authentication with privilege levels. Read more, but do keep in mind that this was so many years ago.

Tracker, my current crown jewel. A service for real-time GPS tracking. Features include encryption, one-way messaging(can be used over radio-links), maximal update rate and minimal latency.

Read more about stuff at my projects-page sometime in the distant future.

  1. There's more, so much more, but this is what I came up with :3
  2. Who doesn't?
  3. Getting to test new things, no need to worry about polish, so much freedom
  4. Geez. Others had GFs, I had programming languages