The technology has made it possible to inhabit other planets not only in our solar system, but also those of nearby solar systems. This diaspora of the expanding human race has caused a hyperglobal lack of resources and various pirate and mercenary factions have taken advantage of the chaos and begun to gather resources not only for themselves, but also for the highest bidders.

These factions use all means possible; they blow up asteroid fields, hijack merchant and civilian ships and pillage smaller settlements. The player also has a similar lifestyle.

Ship types vary

Command your very own spaceship, hunt and loot other pirates, discover rare and powerful modules. Update and upgrade your ship; from the tiniest of jet fighters to biggest of motherships.

But what advantage could one possibly have when using a fighter / cruiser instead of a mothership? You could of course fit to caves etc, but why not just blow the whole thing up? Hmm.. salvage technology, get purer minerals? This remains to be seen.

I really don't like the thought of using the mothership only for transportation between systems, then using cruiser to clear the orbit and a fighter to clear planet's caves. I want total freedom, but in such way that the biggest ship is not always the best.


  1. TODO: how exactly can svgmap-like environments be incorporated to a world like this?