Unstructured and WIP stuff


AirMech has an interesting thing in it's interface, mouse scroll down slides down a menu, and scroll up slides it back up, how very intuitive.

Space Rangers: ship aligns to cursor

Money / credits

I've always liked alternate currencies in games, even if they behave just like money. For example Fallout-series has bottle caps with slight twists(drinking specific drinks gives one cap) and diamonds in Spyro. In these games money can be looted from deceased enemies and found via exploration from various containers(chests and breakable urns etc).

Then there is also various performance based systems; in both Bulletstorm and Tribes credits are awarded based on hitting enemies, by doing various small tasks or as bonuses from kill combos etc.

But a game like this has strong ties to looting. Is there any kind of plausible setting where scoring can also be incorporated?


One of the core mechanics in the game is the mentioned component system, and it need resource management to be in any way exciting. A non-casual game with no resource management is just plain boring. In its simplest form it is about limited ammunition. To make it more exciting another one can be added; in Lost Planet there is the thermal energy(TODO: describe) and <TODO: add more>.

Planned/possible resources include:

The game will also have various secondary lootable items.


One must-be-included way is blowing up asteroids. Another one would a more elegeant, carefully 'tapping' them for liquids and gasses.

Blown up enemies could also drop resources to be picked up.

Level 2 design

You should probably not read this section. This is just an idea storage etc. Engine first!

TODO: The text in this section will be in serious need of refactoring, if not yet, then soon.

Technology lore


Tractor beams

Due to recent advances in <foo>, it is now possible to create almost exact Bessel beams, that can be used to pull small dust particles at usefull velocities. These beams require huge amounts of energy, however. As amount of energy used increases, the better the beam approximates a true Bessel beam, and therefore becomes more effective.



A cruiser sized ship with a huge mining laser mounted at the back, accompanied with two large tractor beams. It is rather old technology, but does its primary job as well as any other more modern ship.

In operation the ship uses the beams to take hold a big asteroid, and hold it at constant distance. Then all available power is routed to the laser, and a continuous stream of laser slices the rock in half, at the same time exposing its valuable core.

Unfortunately the researchers failed to note that something should be done to the two huge asteroid halves. As a quick solution several small proton emitters were equipped at the front of the hull along with few pulling beams. These slowly but surely grind the rocks to fine dust and collect it to the cargo bay. Although the dust can't be processed any further, it still has some value.


"There seem to be some nice huge battleships here blasting the hell out of each other at extremely close range, and lost of tiny fighters flying around going zap zap too. The thing that interests me is the economics of it all. Why can't side A field a fleet of 50,000 fighter/bombers instead of a nice aesthetically balanced fleet of 10 huge capital ships, 50 average ones and 200 fighters. Each of those capital ships is maybe 5,000 times the size of a one man fighter, and must cost 5,000 times as much to build.

Is it because the fighter's lasers can't penetrate the armour of the bigger ships at all? Do they need carriers to get them between systems? do they need refuelling? And given that the fighters fly at 100 times the speed of the bigger ships, how the hell isn't the fighter vs fighter battle over long before a single capital ship gets within firing range of an enemy capital ship?

These are the questions which currently keep me awake at night, because I'm trying to design a set of spaceship and fleet construction rules that allow you to have lots of freedom, yet still ensure you end up building a fleet of disparate size ships that look good in space battles :D."