This is something that I should have started doing ages ago. A list of seasons from series I've watched. Not sure what kind of format i should write this listing in. But to get this started, here's what I've watched lately. If earlier seasons are missing, it most likely means I've already watched the previous one earlier. I'll try to start keeping a better list in 2020. Although... keeping track of just seasons without individual episodes might not be ideal. But keeping track of the episodes is so much overhead. Can't win.

The Expanse S01 Buffy S01 Degrassi: Next Class S01 S02 S03 S04 Atypical S01 Girlboss S01 The Expanse S02 Game of Thrones S03 S04 S05 S06 Ascension S01 Free rein S01 The A List S01 Love, Death & Robots S01 Frontier S01