wip / development diary

A game much inspired by the curiosity cube.

Each touch destoys one tile, emits particles. Much tapping; many particles; such beautiful. Early video. Another video.

Bonus tiles? Upgrades? Z-axis? Physics based tools(flail, ..)?

Milestones? Sense of achievement?

Timed challenges?

UI: fps

State-saving? world generation.




What if?



0.13.1 - Small tweak to fix font scaling
0.13.0 - UI is now scaled according to device DPI, some ui positioning tweaks
0.12.6 - Fixed particle aspect ratio, added label for map and fb sizes, button for map size
0.12.5 - New buttons for performance testing, FPS counter and averaging in frametime
0.12.4 - Labels are now drawn via UI, tiles per second counter(3 sec avg)
0.12.3 - Textured weapon selection buttons
0.12.2 - Larger tap only primes now, tweaked Chainboom weapon
0.12.1 - Particles render correctly regardless of orientation, Chainboom weapon
0.12.0 - Offscreen particle rendering at low-res, corrected camera transformations
0.11.1 - UI button to toggle between single taps and larger ones
0.11.0 - UI framework basics and finally fixed borders around labels, added larger font
0.10.0 - Back to being GLES20 compatible(labels), tiles-broken counter, API 8
0.9.1 - Changed map initialization to happen on app creation
0.9.0 - Resource manager for textures, shaders etc. Reloads resources on resume.
0.8.2 - Added camera shake when large amounts of tiles explode
0.8.1 - Renamed to a more sensible package name: fi.dea.clicker
0.8.0 - Tile entities, primed tiles
0.7.0 - Textures are properly freed / reloaded on pause / resume
0.6.1 - Some inactive code for state saving
0.6.0 - Block-local storage and moved some functionality from chunk to block
0.5.0 - Refactored block getters, colors are now block specific
0.4.2 - Refactored chunk and block transform calculations, optimized chunk updating
0.4.1 - Fixed slight misalignment of font renderer x-coordinates
0.4.0 - Overhauled particle engine, added particle texture
0.3.2 - Minor refactoring on font rendering and added GUI perspective
0.3.1 - Texture loader added, font rendering works
0.3.0 - Font loader added
0.2.2 - Proper chunk coordinate calculation
0.2.1 - Pinch zooming no longer jumps around and is now camera-centered.
0.2.0 - Initial, bugged pinch zooming
0.1.0 - Begin logging. Chunks, ChunkManager and placeholder particle effects